FAQ - Calculus MTH 141 Frequently Asked Questions

Department of Mathematics, University of Rhode Island. Last modified: 07-28-2003


What is the policy on receiving an Incomplete ( I ) grade in my math class?

I got an Incomplete (I) in a previous semester; how do I proceed to remove the "Incomplete" from my record?

What is URI's Civility Policy?

I work out the homework/Maple worksheets with a friend. Can we submit identical work?

I don't think the grade I got in my test/quiz/homework is fair. What can I do about it?

I finished my homework/Maple work late. Is it possible to turn it in? Is there a penalty?

The exams are given outside normal class time, and I work when the exams will be given. Can I be given a makeup test?

How do I know if I am studying enough hours to succeed in this class?

I had an emergency and missed a test/quiz. Is a makeup possible?

When and where will the tests be given?

What if I need help with Maple?

Where do I find Maple on campus?

Where do I find help with my homework?

What graphing calculators are recommended for Calculus courses at URI?

Should I buy Maple? Where?

My course grade is not very good. Can I retake the course to improve my GPA?