MTH 362 Advanced Engineering Mathematics Fall 2000

Orlando Merino, Tyler 220, 874-4442,
Vladimir Dobrushkin Tyler 207, 874-5095

Section 1 (Prof. Merino): Wednesday Oct 4, during normal class time.
Section 2 (Prof. Dobrushkin): Thursday Oct 5 during normal class time.
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In the MTH 362 Advanced Engineering Mathematics course we are going to study concepts in complex numbers, linear algebra, differential equations and probability theory. These topics are of great importance in engineering and other sciences.

Text: Advanced Engineering Mathematics, by E. Kreyzig, 8th edition

Evaluation:The will be two exams and a comprehensive final exam. The course average is calculated as follows:

Course average = ( 100*E1 + 100*E2 + 200*CW + 200*FE ) / 600

E1, E2 = exams, FE = final exam, CW = class work . Class work includes quizzes, maple projects, homework, special projects.The final Exam is comprehensive, but more than one half of it will be about the sections not covered in the first two tests.

MAPLE : we will have a few homework assignments in which the sofware maple is required.  Students that do not have experience with maple must set up an appointment to discuss maple with the instructor during the first 10 days of class. Maple projects may be submitted electronically, more information on this will be given later in the semester.

How to get helpI may help you with questions during office hours, or at other times by appointment.  Also, I will try to answer questions sent by electronic mail as promptly as possible.

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