Instructions for Handing-in Maple Homework Worksheets
SPECIAL NOTE: To use the electronic submission system you must register with the system 48 hours before submitting Maple assignments. All you need to do is provide your student ID and e-mail address. You can do this by clicking here: Register for electronic submission

You should solve homework problems presented in the Maple worksheets by opening a new worksheet. (See Getting Started with Maple, page 160, or the introductory worksheet for instructions on using worksheets.) To open a new worksheet while looking at the original, choose New under the File menu at the upper right of the screen. A blank worksheet will open. You can switch back and forth between the new and the original either by using the Windows menu or by reducing the size of the new sheet and clicking in the new or old sheets. You can copy and paste between sheets as well. For example, it is a good idea to copy the problem statements from the original worksheet and paste them in your new one. It is not a good idea to copy and paste command lines. If you continue doing so, you will never learn Maple syntax.

Before sending your homework worksheet to a printer, save it. Then click on the printer icon. In the printing dialog box change the default printer to the one called Maple Printing. Then send your worksheet to be printed.

Solve your problems by typing appropriate commands which, in most cases, will be similar to ones in the original worksheet.

You should always try to explain and interpret your Maple results in complete sentences especially when the results have a practical meaning. Remember that you can toggle between text mode and Maple command mode by using buttons on the toolbar.

As of September 19, the Electronic Submission for Maple Homework is operational. You can accsess it from the Department's Home page by clicking on the link Electronic Submission for Maple Homework. Of course, you can use the system only if you have previously signed-on for it.